Choosing a Pre-school for your Child

Choosing a Pre-school for your Child

Along with the anxiousness parents face upon realizing that their child must enter school soon comes the difficulty and dilemma in choosing what school he or she must attend. Several factors such as the proximity, accessibility, credibility and academic quality of the school are often considered. Of course, you would not want to leave your child alone for several hours in the hands of people who are not trustworthy right?

In the following article by Tiffany Yip, she provides a checklist to serve as a guide for parents in choosing a preschool for children.


The ABCs of choosing the best preschool for your child


            Singapore currently has over 1000 childcare centres, more than 500 kindergartens and several playgroup centers. With such diverse options, how do you choose the “best” preschool for your child? There’s no need to be overwhelmed when you know what you and your child need from a preschool education. Here’s a checklist of what to keep in mind when choosing a preschool for your child.


            Based on your child’s age and your work arrangements, you can decide which type of preschool might work well for you and your child. Read more…


            The article suggests a couple of tips for parents and teachers alike which are all geared for the benefit of all the parties involved in the decision making process of sending a child to school. It is essential for parents to do their own research before applying for a school and check for the reliability of these schools. The next article from Youngparents enumerates what you, as parents, should be considering when sending a child off to school.




Choosing a preschool: 12 questions you must ask


            You want only the best for Junior, but how do you know if the centre you have in mind meets your standards and will encourage your child’s social, physical, intellectual and emotional development? When you tour a preschool, what exactly should you be looking for? These are the questions that education experts say you should be asking.


            “What are your philosophy and values?”


Elaine Chia, senior director for education (early childhood) at Mindchamps, says that the preschool’s philosophy, beliefs and values must be aligned with yours. For instance, is the centre’s curriculum more focused on play or academics? If you’re academic-oriented, a centre that doesn’t give homework would obviously worry you. Read more…


Several questions must be asked by parents in weighing options for schools they would like to consider enrolling their children at. It is important to know the school’s core values, visions, and missions. Will the child grow academically adept? Will he/she be socially involved? It is also important to know the school’s curriculum and teaching methods so as to know whether it will enhance the child’s learning and improve his/her skills in different academic areas. The following article by Anthia Chng discusses the ways on how to choose the right pre-school for your children.




How to choose the the right preschool or kindergarten for your child


            With so many preschool and kindergarten options, how do you pick the right education for your little one? Each school comes with its own unique set of strengths so we figured it would help to hear from educators who teach at some of the top international schools in Singapore, on tips and tricks that may help us along. Parents give us their reviews and testimonials too, on what they like about the kindy system within K-12 educational institutions. Read on for the inside scoop!


            What should you look out for in choosing a school?
This is where first impressions count: what you first notice, how the children are playing and interacting, and how the teachers are supporting them.
Read more…




            There is a dozen of options to choose from, but in choosing a school for your child, of course you would only want the best. The article enumerates a list of Singapore’s top schools and a few words from the teaching staff and parents as well. Sending a child to his/her first learning experience outside the home is a tough decision. That is why it is important that the parents and the school work hand-in-hand in order to provide the best learning environment the child could ever have.

Wedding and party professionals

The happy parents of the couple often take care of the preparations and find themselves in a problem where they have to combine both the ideal place, the unforgettable meal and the perfect atmosphere. In other words, how to organize the party without breaking the bank while having fun?

The place, the schedule, the number of guests , the chosen formula (aperitif followed by a traditional dinner, cocktail …) condition the budget. Contrary to what one might think, the formula of the meal in the restaurant is not the most expensive: the price agreed in advance will be without surprise, and it will remain, the day comes, only to set foot under the table.

The only drawbacks are the time limit (usually 2 in the morning) and the need to pay a “corkage fee” (€ 3 to € 8 per bottle) if you want to bring your own champagne. This right is claimed by the caterer or restaurateur if you bring your own wine or champagne. In exchange, the service provider undertakes to unblock them and serve them to your guests. An exchange of good practices that money … Learn before, because not all do and it can come back quite expensive. It is better to predict it.

Renting a room and using a caterer offer more freedom, but require more effort. All kinds of rooms are thus put on the market of the wedding, which must be visited then book well in advance. They are often equipped with tables and chairs, with kitchen, refrigerators and even utensils. The bride and groom and their families take care of the decoration, the flowers, the orchestra, etc.

The chosen caterer deals with the feast and the material. When the room is empty, the list is impressive: tables, chairs, buffet, tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, plate warmers, tent and floor if the reception takes place in a garden. But most caterers detail every item: the cocktail, the meal, the drinks, the equipment and the staff.

Whatever the caterer, all the refinements are possible, from the theme buffet to exotic fresh fruits and fluo-colored dragees, to the cascade of champagne and the release of live butterflies … as long as there is put the price.

The photographer or the cameraman insure your memory. Better not to rely on a friendly person from the entourage who would offer his services and hire a professional whose style is appropriate. The photographs fix for ever the commitment of the spouses, the emotion and the smiles of an exceptional day that will undoubtedly delight future generations. It remains to find the best, at the height of your budget.

The professional had the advantage of identifying the best angles and lights; he follows the wedding, precedes him at the exit of the church, organizes the shots of group … A visual conductor who works so fast that he will propose the same evening an album of about fifty shots for a cost ranging from € 160 to € 770.

Une idée ingénieuse consiste à poser des appareils jetables sur chacune des tables pour que les invités prennent des photos forcément… originales.

Internet appears, again, very practical. On some sites, your photographer can create the photo album of your wedding whether it is equipped with a conventional or digital camera. With the help of a password, you and your relatives can freely view the photos and order the desired photos with just one click. You can also provide your pictures engraved on a CD-ROM and put them online on a site. From the beginning to the end of the wedding day, the flowers follow the bride and groom. The journey begins with the bouquet of the bride who, according to tradition, must be ordered and offered by her future husband. The bride and groom must find flowers pretty much all the way.

At the town hall:
Bouquets transportable by the florist or a person in charge of the flowers will give a small intimate atmosphere to the civil ceremony.

At the church:
With the consent of the priest, the same person will place bouquets first on the altar, then in two vases on either side of the altar. Finally she will hang small bouquets at the end of the benches with ribbons. The ultimate is the shower of rose petals at the exit of the church.

If you can do without flowers at the town hall and church, it is impossible not to decorate the reception room. The ideal being to put a large bouquet to garnish the buffet, to align centerpieces composed of not too fragrant flowers, including a larger one will garnish the wedding table. Cost: about 40 € to 60 € per centerpiece, about 110 € the bouquet of the buffet.

Three main types of bouquets for your wedding

The discreet bouquet:
A fashionable in the 30s, it accommodates small fragrant flowers such as syringe and muget or other fragile foliage. To reinforce it, one resorts to a meticulous assembly on wire.

The bouquet in cascade:
From the beginning of the XXth century, bouquets went down from the waist to the feet of the brides. Imposing, they consist of gardenias, ferns and intertwined plants in “love knot”.

The bouquet in sheaf:
For several years, this tendency persists. Large sheaves mixed with a mass of foliage that the bride holds with open arms.